executive communications

If you're a leader, people have probably always told you,  “you’re such a great leader, you can be anything you want to be,” but no one mentioned how hard it is to maintain effective, proactive communications to your key audiences. When the future of your organization and the endurance of your culture is on the line, shooting from the hip is not an option.

When your schedule starts to fill up with employee engagement meetings, conference keynotes, fundraising dinner remarks and even commencement addresses, don’t wait to implode at the podium before you hire professional help.

Not only will we write your speeches, we’ll coach you on presentation until your comfort level reaches “Dean Martin at the Sands in ’63.”  Need to deliver your message via video? No problem, we’ll write the script, then shoot it with a teleprompter to make best use of your time and send the clearest message. Need to write a vital letter or company-wide email about big news, good or bad? Let us work on those with you  so your voice is certain, consistent and compelling.

SAMPLES: we don’t talk about our executive communications clients by name, because they deserve credit for their work and the perception they did it all themselves. However, since politicians are more forthcoming about their use of speechwriters, we've included a few video samples below.