media training

A positive story about your organization is a wonderful thing, but they are often the exception to the rule in a media culture with reporters looking to garner clicks & views with a controversial story. Because your organization is made up of actual human beings doing human things, it's only a matter of time before you end up staring down the barrel of a camera with the lights simultaneously making you squint & sweat. Having trained leaders from Navy admirals and bank presidents to non-profit leaders and governors to shine when that little red light comes on, we are ready to help you answer the bell when the roving media eye focuses on you. Offering convenient half & full-day sessions with no-nonsense teaching and game film of interview role play ranging from creampuff questions to all-out grilling, we're your go-to provider of media training.
Our only advice: train now so you're ready when it (and you know what IT is) hits the fan.