Austin is the hub of state government and the home to countless advocacy organizations. These groups work hard to not only cut through the clutter to reach legislators with their perspective, but to also let their members know about progress toward stated goals. Navigating this two-way street of communication is one of our specialties.

From crafting a pre-session communication strategy and writing committee testimony remarks to influencing public perception through the press and social media, we provide a full suite of persuasive communications services.

The Texas Association of Health Plans is our favorite kind of client: engaged in work that genuinely impacts lives, maintaining a focus on data-driven decision making and advocating for clear positions that will make a difference. We helped them upgrade their social media and vastly expand their online audience while helping complete an incredibly thorough set of briefing materials written and designed with the busy legislative staff in mind. Throw in clearly-worded op-eds, press releases and speeches and the wheels keep turning.

If you're an organization ready to be heard in the capitol and among your membership, give us a call.

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