Studies show that video is still the most persuasive type of content around, but they also reveal that the attention span of the average viewers is shrinking by the day. For clients anxious to convey a somewhat complex message, we've found that animation with a smooth script, energetic voiceover, engaging music and eye-catching graphics can hold a viewer's attention up to and through the call to action.

Our animators specialize in a variety of styles ranging from photorealistic 3D to colorful illustrations and movable type. Our job is to pair the right animator with the right project to ensure the look, feel, movement, sound, colors and a million other details support the core message. As you can see from the videos shared below, we've been hitting that mark on a consistent basis.

As an added bonus, animated videos are easily updated, so if your persuasive numbers change, your tagline is tweaked or you rebrand your company, we can affordably update the animation with surgical precision.

So, if you have a complex, ambitious or even uncomfortable concept to convey, let us turn our creative team loose to create an animation that you can use much longer and more frequently than traditional videos.