Andrew Barlow


Andrew Barlow has spent his career quietly helping leaders sound their best.  Leaders ranging from Navy battlegroup commanders and bank presidents to hospital CEOs and the top elected officials in Texas have benefited from his unmatched writing talent, intuitive communications skills and dry sense of humor. He works tirelessly to help leaders convey their vision, goals and values to their audiences as they elicit impassioned responses and effective action.   

During his career, he served his country as an officer in the U.S. Navy (including a wartime Tomahawk-firing deployment), an associate pastor at a startup church he helped grow from 150 to 3,000 in Sunday attendance, speechwriter to the Texas Governor, Lieutenant Governor and other elected officials and founder of his own communications firm. At every stop, he has found the creative way to tell a story, change perspectives and precipitate effective action.  

His diverse background, unflappable nature and amiable temperament have placed him in the unique niche of advisor, confidant and encourager to leaders at the pinnacle of their profession. Definitely the right brain of Overflow Communications, he focuses on creative approaches to effective communication: challenging norms, identifying opportunities and keeping our company and clients thinking big on the way to powerful results.

A proud graduate of the University of Notre Dame, he and his wife live in Austin, Texas from whence they mail checks to Notre Dame and Auburn University where their daughters attend school.